Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm On It

One thing leaders can’t do is communicate from their offices. Sure, meetings, conference calls and reports are important but they are the things that keep us in our office and are nowhere near as important as open communication to our employees.
At a time where productivity and creativity are more important than ever, your company cannot afford lukewarm employees. More to the point your company cannot afford leaders who don’t lead and managers that don’t manage. Lead what? Not projects. Manage what? Not a spreadsheet. But PEOPLE.
Take for example, DHL, the world’s largest express carrier. It decided to focus on “Legendary Customer Service” as their core strategy and introduced the “I’m On It” campaign. Getting people involved ensures that everyone understands the goal and is accountable for the outcome and shares in the successes.
Open communication is key to achieving goals and becoming an industry leader.

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